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What’s The Difference?

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What’s The Difference?

All of the products used in home remodeling are not created entirely equally. It is extremely difficult for homeowners to know what is going into their projects.

For example, the heart of a remodeling project is the frame. Is it “green” or “kiln-dried”? Kiln dried is more stable and less inclined to warp. Less warping means less plaster cracking in the long run.

Between the frame and the siding is the sheathing. R.K. & Associates uses strong, stable, waterproof plywood, not inferior chipboard.

Windows and doors are key to the long-term comfort and efficiency of a structure-as well as the customer’s satisfaction with the remodeling project. R.K.& Associates uses Andersen or better quality windows. Andersen, a time-proven quality manufacturer, has a 10 year warranty on mechanical parts and a 20 year warranty on the glass seal.

We typically specify Therma-Tru clad doors on our projects. They look like wood, are paintable and stainable, don’t warp and seal tight. One of the worst ways to economize on a project is to use cheap doors or windows-they just do not hold up over time.

Planning is the single most important part of any remodeling project. R.K. & Associates uses a CAD system allowing us to produce 3D views of a design from any angle. That way, the client sees what the final result will be before construction begins.

Planning is handled in-house; primarily because by listening to and working directly with our clients, we can assure them that they will get exactly what they want.

By taking an interactive approach to the design process, we can make continuous adjustments so that the features and budget of a project are finely tailored to customer needs before construction begins.

When we plan an addition remodel, we go to great lengths to insure that it is in harmony with the rest of the structure. We focus on roof lines, fenestration and sun exposure on the exterior. On the interior, a focus on traffic flow, utility, matching finishes and consultation on color and material selections insure a “magazine” quality result.

We have many years of experience in kitchen planning, as well as a background in Industrial Design and Architecture. Our thoughtfully designed kitchens are both functional and beautiful.

Commitment to our clients’ total satisfaction is our goal. From the outset, we listen to our clients and are committed to providing a project that is just what is asked for at a price that has been agreed to in advance.

From small to large projects, we maintain the same customer commitments:

  • A professional relationship from the start of the project through completion.
  • Planning that is sensitive to clients’ needs and budgets.
  • Top quality materials and workmanship.
  • Consultation on color and finish materials selection.
  • Experienced and detail-oriented subcontractors.
  • Continuous communications to eliminate “surprises”.
  • Ongoing quality control to minimize “punch list” items.
  • Prompt completion of projects.


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